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What We Do

Critical Factors

Operational Analysis

In the evaluation of the operations of a health system, there are critical factors that alone, and in combination, foretell the ongoing viability of that system. We believe the accurate assessment of these factors and effective intervention to positively impact the system’s compendium of services is at the core of the value OASIS, LLC can provide.

These factors and their accurate assessment would be challenging for any C-suite or Board of Directors to undertake. The fury and repetitiveness of day-to-day operations to make payroll and maintain staffing and services can cloud leadership’s ability to objectively monitor these factors and take decisive action to refocus the Mission and Vision and maintain a positive profile in light of the external pressures of reimbursement, regulation and competition.

Medical Staff composition and employment status

Three years financial statements (Trending)

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) effectiveness (Aging)

Debt/Equity Ratio (Balance Sheet)

Service composition

Campus physical plant status (waivers?)

IT integration

Community vitality

Outreach and ambulatory services

Ease of access (Person Centered Care?)



The Game Plan

Engage, Examine, Execute.


The first 30 days of the engagement will be an intense process of data gathering, interviews, and on-site operational observation to develop a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s service compendium and its ability to execute on its mission and vision.

Note: Experience has shown that certain engagements may require immediate intervention to assist in the temporary stabilization of the operation to preserve key services and maintain critical licensure and certifications.


This phase of the engagement will develop a number of programmatic options for the enterprise. These options may run the gamut from program development/acquisition to program divestiture and liquidation. Recommendations will be presented to facility/system leadership with requisite financial and operational implications for each option.

The information and observations gathered will be reviewed using various algorithms, industry standards and local and regional trends in healthcare delivery to determine service viability going forward. This phase will also include the potential inclusion of new service lines that may be supported as a result of demographic changes, clinical programmatic deficiencies, and affiliations with other medical providers.


The final phase of the engagement will be to provide a deployment strategy for the decisions made in the “Examine” phase. While it will be the responsibility of facility/system leadership to execute on the “Plan”, OASIS will provide support and access to key agencies and potential facilitators to assist in the successful implementation plan.

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