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An “Access Epidemic”

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The fragility of rural healthcare may not endure the financial challenges brought about by the Pandemic.  Forced to curtail elective procedures that provide critical operating capital for, at best, razor thin operating margins, rural providers will face insolvency issues from which stimulus payments will not create long term relief. The result of this will be a crisis of “access” as … Continue reading “An “Access Epidemic””

White Paper: Rural Hospital Survival and Transformation

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Statistics tell the story as to why access to key healthcare services is critical to maintaining the health status of a community. Close to 93% of the residents in rural America have health insurance. Additionally, Medicaid accounts for less than 20% of the coverage for healthcare in towns of 4,000 residents and smaller. Over 10 … Continue reading “White Paper: Rural Hospital Survival and Transformation”

Hospital Bankruptcies Leave Sick and Injured Nowhere to Go

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A quiet crisis is unfolding for U.S. hospitals, with bankruptcies and closures threatening to leave some of the country’s most vulnerable citizens without care. As a gauge of distress in the health-care sector has soared, at least 30 hospitals entered bankruptcy in 2019, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. They range from Hahnemann University Hospital … Continue reading “Hospital Bankruptcies Leave Sick and Injured Nowhere to Go”